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11 Sep '22

Croton Watershed Fishing Report (Putnam Co. NY)

Posted by Jack Wilkinson


The Croton Watershed has been fishing well recently if you can find where the fish are holding. We had about three inches of rain the earlier this week which bumped the flows up to very fishable waters. But as I write this the East Branch has recovered from the rain to a low flow of around 46 cfs, the West Branch or the Croton River spiked massively to around 240 cfs and has been steadily dropping back to around 30 cfs near Croton Falls while around Boyds Corner its back to a low flow of around 10 cfs.

I was fortunate enough to be able to fish it twice this week and had success nymphing deeper runs, pocket water and keeping the flies low and slow in the water column.

There were steady fishing rising and responding to dry flies but you had to approach quietly and have a more delicate presentation to be successful. The sulphurs are still on the water but very few of them. Fish are responding to dries, most of the bug activity is blue winged olives and midges.

Fish morning and evening to have the best shot at catching. The low flows arent great for us but that doesn't mean you can't go out to get some fresh air and do some scouting for the fall fishing when the rain picks up again.

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