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Regal Travel Vise

Regal Travel Vise


Great for the anywhere tie up.  Bring it with you on trips or keep it close for the last minute fly.
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 220 Degree up and down movement
  • Adjustable hook tension knob
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Spring Material Holder
  • The famous "Regal lever design"- quick and easy to use.
  • New Pocket Base, Desgined to Hold Hooks and Beads
The performance of Regal vises lies in the unique design of the head and jaws which consistently hold the hook in place better than any of the competitive vises on the market, and allows for immediate change in hook sizes with absolutely no adjustments. This saves time and frustration and the tier can meet the demands of the next fishing outing in one tying session. Tie a dozen midges, nymphs, dry flies and streamers all in one sitting with no hassle to adjust the jaws. Simply sit down and tie what you need to fish. “Each Regal Medallion Series Vise rotates 360 degrees and pivots 220 degrees up and down.”