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Just what you need for the days spent pounding the banks with big, heavy flies in hopes of hooking a monster, Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Sinking Fly Line takes inspiration from the man himself to help up your streamer game. With a fast sinking head and an intermediate running line, the Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Sinking Fly Line gets your flies deep and sustains them at your desired depths, while also creating the power you need when casting big flies all day. Whether you’re pursuing selective yet carnivorous browns in the winter or seeking out the bull trout of a lifetime, this is a fly line that will help you achieve those milestones. 



Power Core - Designed to target large predatory fish, Airflo equips their Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Sinking Fly Line with their Power Core technology. A perfect complement to this fly line, Power Core is there to increase the strength of your line while also reducing stretch and memory--this gives you everything you need for powerful strip sets and long battles.



Streamers - Airflo makes their Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Sinking Fly Line for fishing large, heavy streamers. This is not a fly line that can get away with much else, but it’s an excellent tool for working streamers whether you’re in a fast tailwater, a slow limestone pool, or even a reservoir packed with big rainbows. 



Cold/Moderate - Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Sinking Fly Line wasn’t designed for tropical temperatures and it does best with an upper limit around 70 degrees. This makes it a perfect tool for most trout situations, but you’ll find that the line begins to go limp once you top its upper temperature limit.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Airflo designed their Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long Sinking Fly Line for presenting large flies deep in the water, and they’ve created a taper that makes this easy. With an extra long head and more mass towards the front, this line helps your rod load well and allows you to push those air-resistant flies through the wind. Combining a 60ft intermediate running line with a 10ft rear taper that transitions into a 30ft belly, this line has mass where you need it to turn over large flies and punch them downstream, and with a sink tip and intermediate running line combination, this line lets you get your flies where you want them and keeps them there.