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Hatch 12 Plus Finatic Fly Reel

Hatch 12 Plus Finatic Fly Reel


When we designed this reel we had one thing in mind. Tarpon. The goal was to create a larger reel that bridged the gap between the 9 plus and 12 plus models. We also wanted to make sure it had an oversized handle for greater grip control when fighting those big silver critters. The mid arbor option is also great for spey rods from 13.5'to 14.5'.

model body protection line
diameter width weight colors backing capacity
spools price/spool
11 Plus Finatic Type 2
11-12 4.625" 1.5" 11.1oz Clear/Blue
Clear/Black Black/Silver
30# Dacron 
(LA Spool: WF11F-275, WF12F-250) 
(MA Spool: WF11F-425, WF12F-400)
Capacity: 50# Gel Spun 
(LA Spool: WF11F-400, WF12F-350) 
(MA Spool: WF11F-700, WF12F-660)
*The capacity information above is a minimum baseline standard only.  Check the diameter of your backing of choice to estimate actual capacity.
Available in Large and Mid Arbor $825/375