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Hatch 4 Plus Finatic Fly Reel

Hatch 4 Plus Finatic Fly Reel


The 4 Plus bridges the gap in size and weight between the 3 and 5 plus models. The reel was designed to be the perfect 5-weight reel, but feels equally balanced with both 4 and 6 weight lines as well.

model body protection line
diameter width weight colors backing capacity
spools price/spool
4 Plus Finatic Type 2
4-6 3.425" .90" 5.2oz Clear/Blue
Clear/Black Black/Silver
20# Dacron 
(LA Spool: WF5F-100, WF6F-80) 
(MA Spool: WF5F-160, WF6F-130)
*The capacity information above is a minimum baseline standard only.  Check the diameter of your backing of choice to estimate actual capacity.
Available in Large and Mid Arbor $450/190