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Orvis Lightweight Floating Fly Boxes

Orvis Lightweight Floating Fly Boxes


Indestructible, floatable boxes. Up to 75% lighter than other boxes. Damaged, they pop back into shape. 

  • Small: 4¼" x 3" x 1¼"
  • Medium: 5¾" x 3¾" x 1¼"
  • Large: 6¾" x 4½" x 1¼"

Some Reviews on the Lightweight  Floating Fly Boxes: 

"I have several of these boxes for when I'm on the water, and I love them all. The small boxes are small enough to fit in a pocket, yet there's enough room in each one to hold as many flies as I'd need on a short trip. I have stepped and sat on the boxes, dropped them outside, and accidentally done pretty much anything you could think of to these boxes other than light them on fire, and they still work great. They are easy to open one-handed with a squeeze, but the magnets don't open when the box gets dropped on the ground. Even with all of my saltwater fishing, the magnet screws have still not rusted. Also, the price is so good on these things that I use them as Christmas/birthday gifts for my friends. We'll buy each other a box and then fill them with homemade flies for an awesome gift.

"Like the small size and the magnets for the closure. Very light weight."

"Holds a large quantity of flies, but is easy to get them unlike the last brand of fly box I used. Great price and a quality product"