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15 Sep '22

Ten Mile River Fishing Report ( NY / CT )

Posted by Jack Wilkinson

Ten Mile River Fishing Report ( NY / CT )

Dover - Wingdale

With the Ten Mile River being so low this summer there's not been much fishing on it. The low water is although good for scouting new locations to fish this fall, it's good practice to keep your eyes out and check for boulders or any structure you may not notice is there when the water is running. The rain we received has pushed the flows on the Ten Mile from single digit flows this summer to a happy 65 cfs. Trout fishing is not recommended as a result of the high water temperatures but smallmouth bass are a fun fish to catch and give a great fight. Stripping streamers and top water flies will be the ticket to success when targeting them on the Ten Mile River. Water Temps are dropping and we expect to be able to get out to enjoy the water in the near future.

Gaylordsville CT

The Trout Management Area (TMA) on the Ten Mile in Connecticut  is benefitting from the rain, the temperatures are still too hot for trout fishing but very shortly we will be getting going again. The water is around 70 degrees so we expect the river to be back in shape & we should be in action again by the end of the month. The smallmouth fishing is consistent and a great way to spend some time bending a rod. Bugs on the water are blue winged olives, flying ants, white flies and some caddis.