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Experience the world of Micro Spey. If your idea of two-handed fly fishing is limited to big coastal rivers for salmon and steelhead, think again. In case you're late to the party, we'd encourage you to discover why more and more anglers are picking up micro spey fly rods.

Micro spey rods are becoming increasingly popular, and for very good reasons. Imagine swinging soft hackles to trout on your favorite trout stream close to home. These micro spey rods are light and nimble, but they allow anglers to reach across the river with ease. 

The Mystic Micro Spey rods are incredibly light in hand. The delicately designed action can handle aggressive strikes on light tippet, yet maintains a deep-loading power to deliver heavy flies and shoot line with impressive speed. In addition to being a ton of fun, micro spey fishing for trout is the perfect way to practice your two-handed casts for your next steelhead or salmon adventure.