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19 Apr '23

Croton Watershed Report 04/19/23

Posted by Jack Wilkinson

West Branch Croton River

The River is running at 69.6 CFS at Croton Falls and Kent cliffs is running at 27  CFS this morning and has been fishing well even though the water has dropped in the last week from around 150 CFS there is access to some of those beautiful holdovers and some of those recently stocked fish in the system. Fishing has been great and bug activity has been picking up. Bugs on the water have been Stoneflies, Blue Winged Olives, and some Caddis have been around and getting a few responses from fish but they aren’t keyed in on them yet. Most have been having luck nymphing small bugs and throwing streamers and have been getting great response! With the temperature increase the fish have been getting more active and willing to chase down and move for food. Flies to have are midges, small Stoneflies, Caddis, small pheasant tails and mayfly nymphs. We have a great variety of flies at the shop to get you onto the fish!

East Branch Croton River

The River is running at 76.9 CFS in Brewster from the 120 CFS we had a week ago but once again we have had lots of people coming into the shop reporting success! Nymphing has been the most effective way of getting into fish on a consistent basis. The key is to make sure you get deep and stay deep. We have got plenty of tungsten beads for our tyers and tungsten nymphs that will get you down deep and quickly! Bugs on the water are small Stoneflies, Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, and just had a report of Hendricksons! The fish aren't dialed onto dry flies just yet but they have definitely taken notice with some having success with topwater strikes. Flies to have are a variety of large and small mayflies, midges, caddis, and we have some great jigging streamers from a local tyer that have been fishing fantastically!  

Titicus River

The River is running at 16 CFS and fluctuated a little throughout the week. Took a drive up last week and saw a few Stoneflies and plenty of Blue Winged Olives, waters low but there's still fish in the river to be caught. Small flys are the key with midges being one of the most predominant food sources in the river.  

Muscoot River 

Rivers running at 10.7 CFS, fish are there to be caught but with the water low it will be diffcuklt to approach a hole without letting the fish know that you're there. Have not had any reports of people fishing there in the last week or so. Fish will be responding to small nymphs, Pheasant tails, Caddis, and small Stonefly patterns, stripping or jigging a woolly bugger through holes will get responses from the most predatory fish in that pool so always be sure to chuck one especially with spring here.