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08 Oct '22

Croton Watershed River Report Update

Posted by Jack Wilkinson

Fishing on the Croton has been good this week!

Getting lots of reports of active and catchable fish. Reports of some areas having consistent dry fly action this week was refreshing to hear. The rain spiked the West and the East Branch but both have returned back to normal flows. The West Branch flow at Kent Cliffs is 15.8 CFS and wasnt impacted much by the rain, the West Branch towards Croton Falls is 48.5 CFS and is settled after the rain it was up and down for a couple days but seems to have regulated itself, and the East Branch in Brewster is running at 52.2 CFS after the spike to 66 CFS.

Bugs on the water are Blue Winged Olives and Flying ants. Smaller fly sizes are better and match the bugs on the water rather than a larger presentation. There's been more fish rising consistently in the past week or so in longer flat pools so presentation is important. If you happen to find some suface activity be sure to use light tippet and a delicate presentation. 

If you’re not finding fish on surface try running a tandem nymph rig under an indicator through riffled water, generic nymph patterns like pheasant tails and "mop" flies have been reported to be working. Slow and low presentations. Keeping your nymphs near the bottom of the water column where the fish are holding will increase your chances and when seeing fish rise make sure to put yourself in the best possible position for a drag free drift.

Looks like we are going to be have beautiful weather this weekend and with current conditions the fishing outlook is great!  Be sure to move around and try new spots. 

Bugs on the water at the moment are Blue Winged Olives, Flying ants, and Midges.

Fly patterns that have been working for anglers are our Bunny Midge Spinner, and our Smiths Flying ants for dry flies, for nymphing lots of patterns have been producing, our Arizona hares Ear, Princess Nymph, and small traditional pheasant tails as well. Make sure to be fishing small flies, as the season progresses the bugs on the water get smaller. Lots of fish to catch and they have been turning on so get out there!