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18 Feb '23

Croton Watershed River Report February 2023

Posted by Jack Wilkinson

This is the first update on the local waters this year for us but that doesn't mean people haven't been out fishing all winter long! The East Branch of the Croton River in Brewster is flowing at 128 CFS, the West Branch of the Croton River in Croton Falls is flowing at 141 CFS, and the West Branch of the Croton River in Kent Cliffs is flowing at 29.2 CFS. After all the rain we had in the last couple weeks flows are at a very fishable and giving anglers easy wading access.  

With this fantastic weather we have been fortunate to receive, anglers have been out fishing the local waters and reporting success. It is still winter so you have to fish hard, search the river looking for deep and slower moving pools for the fish to conserve energy and get an easy meal. The key is getting your flies low in the water column and fishing slowly, make sure to follow the bubble line and follow the speed of the currents to get the most natural and drag free drift as possible.

I have been lucky enough to get out fishing a few times in the last couple weeks and caught fish, saw a handful rise and enjoyed the modest temperatures! I kept my eye on the water looking for bugs and found plenty of midges, some caddis, and very small blue winged olives. Try changing flies every so often and giving fish different profiles, sizes, colors to see what may elicit a reaction from the fish. Flies that have been working are attractor patterns like (Mop flies, Copper Johns, Blowtorches) small mayfly patterns (Hares ear, Pheasants tail, Copper Johns) size 16-20, Midges sizes 18 and down have been successful and small streamers fished low and slow have been producing some fantastic fish! The weather for the next 7 day forecast is looking modest again with scattered showers and some overcast days coming in with temps in the mid to high 40s so it should make for some good fishing!!