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11 Apr '24

Lower East Branch Croton (Below Diverting Reservoir) River Report 4/11/24

Posted by Thomas Zarecki

Fish are moving into some faster water with the warmer temperatures. Stream temperatures are in the low 50's.

Caddis are hatching in the morning and early afternoons especially when the sun is out. Stoneflies are always around but starting to thin as the predominate hatch. Midges are abundant throughout the day. Some rising fish have been noticed in the calmer pools but without any regularity. Fish have recently been caught by tightline nymphing, swinging streamers and working nymphs under indicators. Hare & Coppers, Czech nymphs, stones, perdigons & caddis / mayfly nymph patterns have all taken fish. 

Look to start using more mayfly nymphs as we start moving into the main hatch season. Suckers are in the river spawning, so single eggs and sucker spawn patterns in cream and light yellow will get some attention.


Report by: Frank DeGrazio