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08 Oct '22

Housatonic River Report UPDATE - FALL 2022

Posted by Jack Wilkinson

The Housatonic River is back and fishing well!

(Falls Village to Gaylordsville, Connecticut)

Lower temperatures & the recent rain has flipped a switch. The hold over trout along with the Recent DEEP state stocked trout are happy.  Dry fly activity has been slow while nymphs and streamers are primarily the way to go. 

The flows on the Housatonic have bumped with the rainfall the last couple days, at Gaylordsville (Below Bulls Bridge) the river is running at 1100 CFS and dropping. Falls Village is currently running at 950 CFS and dropping. Increased flow changes always create great conditions for streamers. Streamers are a good option to imitate any dislodged baitfish and great for high water conditions and moving larger stubborn fish. Smallmouth fishing has still been good but the trout are becoming more of the primary target again.

Bugs on the water are Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, Isonychia, and flying ants. Fish have been found sporatically eating dries agai If your having trouble with nymphs try try switiching to a Dry Dropper. Blind cast a larger Isonychia or Caddis pattern with a nymph dropped below it. This may trigger and unexpected rise.

Overall fishing on the Housatonic is good and its time to start getting out there! The foliage is phenomenal right now. Perfect mix of good fishing / wading conditions and fall foliage before the leaves falls and create the "Leaf Hatch."

We just got a new order of some of our favorite fall streamer patterns & nymphs. Stop by and we will set you up.

If you have never been to the Housatonic we will get you pointed in the right direction and fishing with confidence.