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22 Sep '22

Salmon River - Pulaski New York- 09-22-2022

Posted by Jack Wilkinson in altmar, Fly Fishing, pulaski, salmon, Salmon River Need to Know

Reports from the Salmon River have been getting better with each day that goes by. The cooler temperatures and the bit of rain that came in has moved more Kings, Cohos, and Brown Trout into the river. Anglers fishing the lower section of the river are reporting the most success on a regular basis and higher up the river towards Altmar and Pineville has fish holding and staging in the deeper runs. fishing is starting to get very active but you must move around to find fish, salmon will push in waves so moving around gives the best opportunities.


Douglaston Salmon Run is reporting good fishing with fish moving through sporadically. Kings and Cohos are present in the higher end and the lower section but not too many fish are coming to net down low. Fishing is steady at the moment not great but good and the temperatures dropping should be on track for a fun few weeks.  We hoped the rain that hit today (9/22) was going to hit Pulaski but so far it has stayed south unfortunately. The Pineville gauge is 453 CFS and the Dam is releasing at 335 CFS. Weather for next week is looking like we have a few days of rain coming in and with it more heavier numbers of fish should be pushing. The first inch of rain to fall combined with cool overnight temps is what we are all waiting for to commence the first BIG run. We will keep you posted. 

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*photo from today on the Douglas Salmon Run