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Bring your flies to life with the most realistic 3D eyes on the market.

Designed by Martin Bawden

Designed with photo-realistic holographic technology and high-resolution images of real baitfish eyes, this comprehensive range of fly tying eyes includes colors and sizes designed to fit everything from smaller trout patterns to huge predator-style flies.

Quantity per pack: 3 mm - 7 mm (20); 8.5 mm - 10 mm (16); 15 mm (12)


An important trigger for predatory gamefish
Enhance your streamers with this lifelike element.

Perfect combinations
Living Eyes are sized to directly correspond with Baitfish Heads, Fish-Masks, and Sculpin Helmets

Part of the Flymen Big Game Fly Solution
Combine with Chocklett's Articulated Big Game Shanks and #10 or #15 Fish-Masks for ultimate big game flies.


3 mm
Fits Baitfish Heads (Small), Sculpin Helmets (Mini, Small), & Fish-Masks (#3).

4 mm
Fits Baitfish Heads (Small/Medium), Sculpin Helmets (Large), & Fish-Masks (#4).

5 mm
Fits Baitfish Heads (Medium), & Fish-Masks (#5).

6 mm
Fits Baitfish Heads (Large), & Fish-Masks (#6).

7 mm
Fits Fish-Masks (#7).

8.5 mm
Fits Fish-Masks (#8.5).

10 mm
Fits Fish-Masks (#10).

15 mm
Fits Fish-Masks (#15).