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18 May '16

5/17/2016 Housatonic Fishing Report

Posted by Matthias Hackett

Housatonic Report from Guide Frank Degrazio:

5/17/16   Fishing remains steady around the area.  Caddis remain to be the dominant bug right now.  All Caddis stages are taking fish, but if you want some on top, throw some blind in the riffles, or find some risers.  Midges are out in the morning and evenings and the fish are sipping on the emergers.  The flows are still ok, and the temps are steady in the mid 50's.  Fish are holding in all types of water, if it looks fishy be stealthy and fish it! Nymphing is still the best option right now to consistently get into fish. Still waiting for the Cahills Pale Evening Duns, and Sulphurs ( Ithink in a couple of weeks) to emerge.   

I had Mike out for a great day on the Housy.  See Home page picture. We got into fish on caddis emergers on top and below the surface,  We found fish in the softer seams and around drop offs using golden stones, hare and coppers, caddis larve, and emergers.  The wind was howling, but we made the best of it and tried to take the wind out of the equation.  The water is ranging mid to high 50's and some of the tribs are pouring in some nice cold water, but it is murky.  The river is at a perfect tint to it, clear enough but has a nice tint to it.  Be careful in some spots the current is a little heavier than you might think. I did see a couple of March Browns, The next few weeks the Housy could explode!




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