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21 Sep '16

East Branch Croton River Fishing Report - 9/21/2016

Posted by Thomas Zarecki

The fish are getting more active with the cooler temps!

Water is low but the temps are in mid - low 60's. Work on being stealthy and quiet while wading in the river. I found the two fish pictured below yesterday evening. Activity seemed to pick up after 4pm. One was taken on a size 22 Olive CDC loop wing emerger and the other was on a woolly bugger in shallow riffels. - TZ

Croton Brown Trout - Olive cdc Emerger size 22  Croton - brown trout - spots - wild - streamer

Guide Report From Frank Degrazio "Hendrickson Spinner"

The fish on the Upper east branch of the Croton seem to be concentrated between Trestle bridge to below Borden bridge.  Fish are feeding on small black, olive, and tan midge dries and emergers in sizes 20-22.  You will see some caddis in the riffles size 16-20.  Look for active fish.  Sporadic summer stenos are around, and look for spinners in the evening.  You should  go down to 7x when dry fly fishing to increase your odds.  Dry dropping has been effective, especially in the riffles.  I have used caddis and larger ants as the top fly, dropped off hare and copper and then a zebra midge.  Sometimes the fish just comes up and noses the dry, but then at least you know where he is.  I have had success czech nymphing hare and copper with bead head midge larvae and then zebra midge or very small mayfly size 20.  small green caddis larvae have been working too.

Good Luck! 


14 Sep '16

Updated Fishing Conditions 09/12/16

Posted by Thomas Zarecki

Updated Fishing Conditions 09/12/16

Croton Watershed: EB (47cfs) WB (32cfs) Fishing has been decent. The rivers are low but good water can be found for nymphing and the occasional flurry of surface action. Don't be shy to search around the pools & pockets with a small woolly bugger if nothing seems to be active.
Local Streams: Wappingers Creek, Fishkill Creek, Amawalk, Ten Mile River are all currently not in great shape. Water Levels are down and although air & water temps are dropping everyday we recommend to fish elsewhere until we see more water in the rivers. 
Beaverkill River: (92cfs) Low. Water temps are dropping & fishing will improve. 
Willowemoc Creek: Low
Esopus Creek: (280 cfs)
water temps dropping and levels are good.  
East Branch Delaware River: (160 cfs Harvard*) The Upper east is cool and wadable. fishing has been tough during the day. Most action is coming from Nymphs & Streamers. The lower east is still warm. 
West Branch Delaware River: (1150 cfs) In between Hatches, still just wadable. water is about 60 degrees. 
Mainstem Delaware River: (1500 cfs) Still In between hatches, most action on nymphs and streamers.
Salmon River: (409 cfs Pineville) Waiting on first big push of rain to get the salmon filling up the river. Fish being seen by anglers each day but not many hookups or "run" to speak of yet. 
Farmington River: River is still low but cold water is still found upstream towards the dam with reports of active fish. 
Housatonic River: (108cfs) Very Low. Water Needed. Fishing will improve everyday as water temps drop more fish will move out of there refuges and start behaving like trout again. Hatches should pick up as well.
18 May '16

5/18/2016 Tenmile Fishing Report

Matt here and pretty pumped for the local fly game.  The Tenmile river showed signs of an early year about a month back when the air temps were way above average and the rivers were very low.  Since then colder nights and rain has put mother nature back on course.

I spent four hours on the Tenmile last night and lets just say the river is fully awake.  Many smaller stocked fish were splashing around chasing emerging caddis and sporadic mayflies.  This activity was focused on the smoother water with some pace to it.

The larger fish were sitting below the riffles in between the nymping runs and dry fly pools.  The bigger fish did not have to show their noses and were gorging the middle water column hard.  Many small fish on top and some nicer browns below.  The Tenmile is in great shape with both flow and water temp.  GET OUT THERE!

Tight Lines Wet Nets


18 May '16

5/17/2016 Housatonic Fishing Report

Posted by Matthias Hackett

5/17/2016 Housatonic Fishing Report

Housatonic Report from Guide Frank Degrazio:

5/17/16   Fishing remains steady around the area.  Caddis remain to be the dominant bug right now.  All Caddis stages are taking fish, but if you want some on top, throw some blind in the riffles, or find some risers.  Midges are out in the morning and evenings and the fish are sipping on the emergers.  The flows are still ok, and the temps are steady in the mid 50's.  Fish are holding in all types of water, if it looks fishy be stealthy and fish it! Nymphing is still the best option right now to consistently get into fish. Still waiting for the Cahills Pale Evening Duns, and Sulphurs ( Ithink in a couple of weeks) to emerge.   

I had Mike out for a great day on the Housy.  See Home page picture. We got into fish on caddis emergers on top and below the surface,  We found fish in the softer seams and around drop offs using golden stones, hare and coppers, caddis larve, and emergers.  The wind was howling, but we made the best of it and tried to take the wind out of the equation.  The water is ranging mid to high 50's and some of the tribs are pouring in some nice cold water, but it is murky.  The river is at a perfect tint to it, clear enough but has a nice tint to it.  Be careful in some spots the current is a little heavier than you might think. I did see a couple of March Browns, The next few weeks the Housy could explode!




23 Apr '16

4/23/2016 Fishing Report

4/23/2016 Fishing Report

Local fishing has begun to pick back up.  We had some great days a week back when the warm weather rolled in.  We then saw a stretch of cold nights that offset the water temps.  The Tenmile and Lower TMA start going good at 53 degrees.  A week back the lower TMA touched 50 which produced fish but water temps dropped back with the cold nights.  FRI into SAT will be warm and with 80’s on Friday and a low of 55 at night...Saturday should produce fish local fish.

The Catskills have been very good to us this week.  Some of the “old guys” fished to midweek fish on the Beaverkill and Willow while others got fish via dry on the East and West of the Delaware.  

The flows are low across the board which has provided great wading access.  See local flows here: http://www.anglersden.net/pages/usgs-river-flow-charts

Bens Big "hog johnson" on Thursday

Friday Afternoon Tenmile




4/17/16  GUIDE FRANK D REPORT: Locally on the watershed things have quieted down.  The Hendricksons are fading fast, look for spinners in the evenings.  The caddis are hatching so that should motivate the fish.  Water temps are creeping into the lower 50's, but the flows are dropping.  Hopefully we get some rain soon.  Hare and coppers, black and tan czechs all took fish this weekend.  We didn't see any risers even with the amount of bugs on the water.  I always like when the caddis start, its gets the fish feeding opportunistically throughout the day.  Look to use cased caddis, X caddis, and caddis larve patterns along with czech nymphs.  Stay untill dark if you are fishing the spinners.

The Housy should be at a nice fishable level this week, and hopefully the bugs will kick into gear when the water drops to under 1000 cfs.

Good Luck!


​Tight Lines!

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