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18 May '16

5/17/2016 Housatonic Fishing Report

Posted by Matthias Hackett

5/17/2016 Housatonic Fishing Report

Housatonic Report from Guide Frank Degrazio:

5/17/16   Fishing remains steady around the area.  Caddis remain to be the dominant bug right now.  All Caddis stages are taking fish, but if you want some on top, throw some blind in the riffles, or find some risers.  Midges are out in the morning and evenings and the fish are sipping on the emergers.  The flows are still ok, and the temps are steady in the mid 50's.  Fish are holding in all types of water, if it looks fishy be stealthy and fish it! Nymphing is still the best option right now to consistently get into fish. Still waiting for the Cahills Pale Evening Duns, and Sulphurs ( Ithink in a couple of weeks) to emerge.   

I had Mike out for a great day on the Housy.  See Home page picture. We got into fish on caddis emergers on top and below the surface,  We found fish in the softer seams and around drop offs using golden stones, hare and coppers, caddis larve, and emergers.  The wind was howling, but we made the best of it and tried to take the wind out of the equation.  The water is ranging mid to high 50's and some of the tribs are pouring in some nice cold water, but it is murky.  The river is at a perfect tint to it, clear enough but has a nice tint to it.  Be careful in some spots the current is a little heavier than you might think. I did see a couple of March Browns, The next few weeks the Housy could explode!




23 Apr '16

4/23/2016 Fishing Report

4/23/2016 Fishing Report

Local fishing has begun to pick back up.  We had some great days a week back when the warm weather rolled in.  We then saw a stretch of cold nights that offset the water temps.  The Tenmile and Lower TMA start going good at 53 degrees.  A week back the lower TMA touched 50 which produced fish but water temps dropped back with the cold nights.  FRI into SAT will be warm and with 80’s on Friday and a low of 55 at night...Saturday should produce fish local fish.

The Catskills have been very good to us this week.  Some of the “old guys” fished to midweek fish on the Beaverkill and Willow while others got fish via dry on the East and West of the Delaware.  

The flows are low across the board which has provided great wading access.  See local flows here: http://www.anglersden.net/pages/usgs-river-flow-charts

Bens Big "hog johnson" on Thursday

Friday Afternoon Tenmile




4/17/16  GUIDE FRANK D REPORT: Locally on the watershed things have quieted down.  The Hendricksons are fading fast, look for spinners in the evenings.  The caddis are hatching so that should motivate the fish.  Water temps are creeping into the lower 50's, but the flows are dropping.  Hopefully we get some rain soon.  Hare and coppers, black and tan czechs all took fish this weekend.  We didn't see any risers even with the amount of bugs on the water.  I always like when the caddis start, its gets the fish feeding opportunistically throughout the day.  Look to use cased caddis, X caddis, and caddis larve patterns along with czech nymphs.  Stay untill dark if you are fishing the spinners.

The Housy should be at a nice fishable level this week, and hopefully the bugs will kick into gear when the water drops to under 1000 cfs.

Good Luck!


​Tight Lines!
03 Apr '16

4/3/15 Opening Weekend

Posted by Matthias Hackett

4/3/15 Opening Weekend

Shop Guide Frank D. Report for 4/3/15 - Opening Weekend saw crazy weather.  Friday started out rainy, and ended sunny and 70, with snow Sunday morning.  One thing we should have learned from this weekend, is one, don't listen to the weather reports, and two, April weather can change on a seconds notice.  Some good reports came into the shop Friday.  Friday evening, I got out for a couple of hours and educated some stockies while looking for some holdovers.  The lower EB was 52 and fish were taking hare and coppers, black czech nymphs, and small midge larve.  Fish were coming up right at dark on tiny midges and olives in the 22-26 range.  No sign of Hendricksons.

Saturday, the Mianus TU Chapter met up on the watershed for their NY outing.  Tony and company had a very good morning despite the rain.  Everyone landed fish, and made the most of the conditions!

I got out for a bit Sunday afternoon despite the cold windy conditions.  I mainly was looking for bugs, and checking temps.  The upper EB had some olives on the water, and if you found some protection from the wind, fish came up a little.  The flow was 89 cfs, and the temps were 46, which isn't bad considering the cold.  The water was a touch off color as well.  Think small olive emergers size 16-18!  The lower EB was 49 and the flow has been steady at 62.  I didn't see any insect activity, but fish came on the usual flies, and add tan Czechs and green caddis larve. 

I also hit the WB and the water was up, they are releasing some water 120 cfs, and the temp was 43.  I had a swipe on a hare and copper, but that was it.  The level is very good there, if it warms up, I think the insect activity will pick up.  I really didn't see any bugs out and about there either. The best part of fishing today was running into Coach Mac on the WB.  He basically coached me in baseball and football throughout HS.  It was great to chat with him for a little bit, and Im really looking forward to getting out on the water with him this spring.

The weather is supposed to stay cold and rainy the beginning of this week, but there looks to be some warmer weather on the way for the end of the week, and next weekend.  Some rain possible Friday, but didn't I say not to listen to the weather reports?  Dress warm, bring your rain gear, get those nymph rigs ready, and go fish!

The Anglers Den has my czech nymphs, black stones, cased caddis, and hare and coppers in stock! Get them while they last!
30 Mar '16

SPRING EVENT!!! 4/2/2016

Posted by Matthias Hackett

SPRING EVENT!!! 4/2/2016

ALL DAY EVENT (9am-4pm)


Trout Season doesn't officially start until you kick it off at the Anglers Den! 

We would like to invite you and your friends down to the Anglers Den Fly Shop for our Annual Spring Jamboree!

The festivities will kick off at 9 am on Saturday with Coffee and Fly Tying demonstrations. 

Meanwhile, Tom Zemianek, our ORVIS Rep. will be setting up and hanging out with the crew, showcasing the 2016 ORVIS Product Line.

Free Casting Demo's (All Orvis Rods will be available to test drive!)

If you are thinking of trying out a new fly rod for this season, do not miss out on this opportunity!

This is the perfect time to inquire about ORVIS product specifics and warranty coverage on your new and old Orvis gear.   

Will will be having another 50/50 Raffle this YEAR! + Orvis Prizes 

Enjoy complimentary Food and Drink!  (12:30 - 3pm)

Live Bluegrass Music 

100% Chance of a Good Time

Looking to Set up a Guide Trip? Stop by and meet our Guides, Our staff will be glad to book & set you up for your next Fly Fishing outing!  

Find out what our favorite tiers are tying in preparation for the upcoming season.

Free Fly Tying Demonstrations w/ Q & A
Streamers, Dry Fly Patterns & Classic Nymphs. 

This event is historically our biggest event and it is a blast!

Come visit and catch up with all the Anglers Den crew and get the mojo cooking!!!

We look forward to seeing you soon! 
Tom & Joe Z

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24 Mar '16

Preseason is over! 3/24/2016

Franks Report: In a weeks time it will be Opening Day Eve, and the conditions haven't been this good since 2013.  There is a great buzz around the shop and cliets are booking trips!  The water temps are almost 10 degrees higher than they were last year, and we have already had fish rising to a number of bugs.  The flows are at a good level, and with some rain in the forecast they will only improve.  The rest of the stocking will continue next week and the fish will have plenty of time to spread out and get acclimated.  I haven't see such quality and healthy fish in a long time.  The DEC hit a home run with the quality of fish that they sent us this year.  The number of holdover fish in the East Branch is solid, and I hope the other rivers have some as well.  The bug situation, and quality of the water is excellent.  The river beds are loaded with caddis, and mayfly nymphs, just waiting to hatch.  I think we will see Hendricksons by the second week of April.  The crew at The Anglers Den has been working tirelessly to prepare for opening day.  We are stocked to the gills in materials, equipment and flies!  Our Pro Staff has been out all over area scouting and helping gather the most up to date reports.  Fish have been taken this week in the East Branch of the Croton, 10 Mile TMA (CT), and the Lower and Upper TMA of the Housy.  Check out www.anglersden.net and click on 2016 Reports. 

As many of you know, there has been a lot of illegal activity in the Croton Watershed the last few years.  There has been a change in leadership in our local DEP Police, and Capt. Gallagher has really stepped up to the plate, and tackled the issues head on.  To date, there have been arrests, the dismantling of four illegal camping/living sites, numerous clean ups, and a renewed enforcement of the watershed rules in out area.  Expect to see more of a DEP police presence, so make sure you are carrying all of your permits!  Please pay attention for illegal activity, and please report accordingly.  The Croton Watershed TU, led by Conservation Chair Chris Auletta has been  very influential in helping bring about this new partnership and the positive changes.  The areas look great, and I am very hopeful that the watershed is headed in the right direction.