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03 Apr '16

4/3/15 Opening Weekend

Posted by Matthias Hackett
Shop Guide Frank D. Report for 4/3/15 - Opening Weekend saw crazy weather.  Friday started out rainy, and ended sunny and 70, with snow Sunday morning.  One thing we should have learned from this weekend, is one, don't listen to the weather reports, and two, April weather can change on a seconds notice.  Some good reports came into the shop Friday.  Friday evening, I got out for a couple of hours and educated some stockies while looking for some holdovers.  The lower EB was 52 and fish were taking hare and coppers, black czech nymphs, and small midge larve.  Fish were coming up right at dark on tiny midges and olives in the 22-26 range.  No sign of Hendricksons.

Saturday, the Mianus TU Chapter met up on the watershed for their NY outing.  Tony and company had a very good morning despite the rain.  Everyone landed fish, and made the most of the conditions!

I got out for a bit Sunday afternoon despite the cold windy conditions.  I mainly was looking for bugs, and checking temps.  The upper EB had some olives on the water, and if you found some protection from the wind, fish came up a little.  The flow was 89 cfs, and the temps were 46, which isn't bad considering the cold.  The water was a touch off color as well.  Think small olive emergers size 16-18!  The lower EB was 49 and the flow has been steady at 62.  I didn't see any insect activity, but fish came on the usual flies, and add tan Czechs and green caddis larve. 

I also hit the WB and the water was up, they are releasing some water 120 cfs, and the temp was 43.  I had a swipe on a hare and copper, but that was it.  The level is very good there, if it warms up, I think the insect activity will pick up.  I really didn't see any bugs out and about there either. The best part of fishing today was running into Coach Mac on the WB.  He basically coached me in baseball and football throughout HS.  It was great to chat with him for a little bit, and Im really looking forward to getting out on the water with him this spring.

The weather is supposed to stay cold and rainy the beginning of this week, but there looks to be some warmer weather on the way for the end of the week, and next weekend.  Some rain possible Friday, but didn't I say not to listen to the weather reports?  Dress warm, bring your rain gear, get those nymph rigs ready, and go fish!

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