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24 Mar '16

Preseason is over! 3/24/2016

Franks Report: In a weeks time it will be Opening Day Eve, and the conditions haven't been this good since 2013.  There is a great buzz around the shop and cliets are booking trips!  The water temps are almost 10 degrees higher than they were last year, and we have already had fish rising to a number of bugs.  The flows are at a good level, and with some rain in the forecast they will only improve.  The rest of the stocking will continue next week and the fish will have plenty of time to spread out and get acclimated.  I haven't see such quality and healthy fish in a long time.  The DEC hit a home run with the quality of fish that they sent us this year.  The number of holdover fish in the East Branch is solid, and I hope the other rivers have some as well.  The bug situation, and quality of the water is excellent.  The river beds are loaded with caddis, and mayfly nymphs, just waiting to hatch.  I think we will see Hendricksons by the second week of April.  The crew at The Anglers Den has been working tirelessly to prepare for opening day.  We are stocked to the gills in materials, equipment and flies!  Our Pro Staff has been out all over area scouting and helping gather the most up to date reports.  Fish have been taken this week in the East Branch of the Croton, 10 Mile TMA (CT), and the Lower and Upper TMA of the Housy.  Check out www.anglersden.net and click on 2016 Reports. 

As many of you know, there has been a lot of illegal activity in the Croton Watershed the last few years.  There has been a change in leadership in our local DEP Police, and Capt. Gallagher has really stepped up to the plate, and tackled the issues head on.  To date, there have been arrests, the dismantling of four illegal camping/living sites, numerous clean ups, and a renewed enforcement of the watershed rules in out area.  Expect to see more of a DEP police presence, so make sure you are carrying all of your permits!  Please pay attention for illegal activity, and please report accordingly.  The Croton Watershed TU, led by Conservation Chair Chris Auletta has been  very influential in helping bring about this new partnership and the positive changes.  The areas look great, and I am very hopeful that the watershed is headed in the right direction.  

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