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21 Sep '16

East Branch Croton River Fishing Report - 9/21/2016

Posted by Thomas Zarecki

The fish are getting more active with the cooler temps!

Water is low but the temps are in mid - low 60's. Work on being stealthy and quiet while wading in the river. I found the two fish pictured below yesterday evening. Activity seemed to pick up after 4pm. One was taken on a size 22 Olive CDC loop wing emerger and the other was on a woolly bugger in shallow riffels. - TZ

Croton Brown Trout - Olive cdc Emerger size 22  Croton - brown trout - spots - wild - streamer

Guide Report From Frank Degrazio "Hendrickson Spinner"

The fish on the Upper east branch of the Croton seem to be concentrated between Trestle bridge to below Borden bridge.  Fish are feeding on small black, olive, and tan midge dries and emergers in sizes 20-22.  You will see some caddis in the riffles size 16-20.  Look for active fish.  Sporadic summer stenos are around, and look for spinners in the evening.  You should  go down to 7x when dry fly fishing to increase your odds.  Dry dropping has been effective, especially in the riffles.  I have used caddis and larger ants as the top fly, dropped off hare and copper and then a zebra midge.  Sometimes the fish just comes up and noses the dry, but then at least you know where he is.  I have had success czech nymphing hare and copper with bead head midge larvae and then zebra midge or very small mayfly size 20.  small green caddis larvae have been working too.

Good Luck! 


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