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13 Mar '16

East Branch of the Croton - 3/13/2016

Flows have come down to 130 cfs, which is a great flow to fish.  This weekend started out with a Saturday morning trip in which I was able to nymph up two nice silver browns.  The hits were so light, if I wasn't czech nymphing I would have never felt the hits.  

Both fish came on hare and coppers, which will be available for purchase at the Anglers Den very soon.  I did have one hit on a small black stone, but no takers on anything else.  The water temperature is right at 43 degrees, which is about 5-7 degrees from what will get the bugs really going.  on 3/19/15, the temperature was 36 degrees!

I did see some Hendrickson nymphs in the drift, but they could have just gotten loose from the flows.  I did sample the drift Sunday morning, and there were very few bugs, some small green caddis, a couple of tiny olives and a Hendrickson nymph.   Sunday afternoon I did see a few tan caddis here and there.  I even saw two rise as I was leaving around 6:45 pm. The fish are still in the slower water.  I did manage a couple more, one brown and a bow.

I found some water that was a little warmer and much slower than what I got the other fish in.  This definitely increased the power of the takes, and the fight of the fish.  The fish hit the hare n copper and small olive nymphs.

East Branch Brown TroutLooks like some rain for Monday, but the temps should help warm the water,  I think things will be 2-3 weeks early, will we see Hendricksons by opening day????


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