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07 Jun '12

Hatch Finatic Fly Reel Review

Before I begin to review Hatch Finatic Fly Reel, I would like to say I was a long time Ross Evolution user, and really loved them. 

I believed the drag was one of the best on the market and the reel was super smooth. However, after switching to Hatch, I have realized that although Evo's are great, but in my opinion there is NO reel on the market that begins to surpass Hatch. I've used all the expensive reels on the market for serious Trout & Big Game anglers. 

The design of a Hatch reel has exceeded the expectations of the industry. To start off, the reel is one solid piece of aluminum, and the reel seat isn't screwed in. This provides a super solid and quite indestructible reel!

Switching the retrieve from left to right is simply unscrewing an allen screw and turning over a small gear. 

There are no places for sand, dirt or grime to get into the reel anywhere. But the real reason to drool over this fly reel is the drag. Hatches have the most amazing drag ever designed. There is zero start of friction, so as soon as you pull line off, the drag starts. 

Other manufactures have not refined the "play." The spool spins backwards momentarily without any resistance before the drag kicks in. This start up friction can/will break small tippet as I've seen it done many times. I won't bore you with drag specifics, you can go on the website listed below if you want to see how it works. The drag is the smoothest on the market and you can put so much more pressure on fish in the toughest of situations. When a fish shakes their head, the drag will gives so much smoother than other reels and it protects tippet like a champ! 

Steelhead & Salmon anglers have also jumped on the Hatch bandwagon because they need a drag that will perform in all temperatures with feisty drag screaming Trophy Fish. Hatch makes a reel for every sized rod manufactured, so you can get the perfect fit for your stick of choice. If you're not happy with your reel, or you're just curious about Hatch, write us, call us or stop in our shop to learn more, you won't regret it!

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Thanks for the review……..appreciate it very much….

Posted by Cody Coyne on February 02, 2013

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