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04 May '17

Upcoming Shop Events & News

Posted by Thomas Zarecki

The Bugs are in the Air, Time to be on the Water!

Come by the Anglers Den in Pawling NY and be prepared to take advantage of the abundant local spring Fly Fishing opportunities! The shop is fully stocked with all your favorite Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Gear. We are excited to share our knowledge and passion with our customers & clients!
100% Chance of a Good Time.

Anglers Den Annual Shop Jamboree
Join Us Saturday June 3rd for a day filled with Fly Tying, Rod Demos & Free Casting Demos, BBQ, Cold Drinks, Great Deals, Raffles, Matt's Gumbo and much more.
Event:.10am- 3pm.

Bring your Fishing Gear & fish with the guides! We will be doing free outing after the day dies down and leave the shop at 3pm to hit the Housatonic or the Ten Mile River. If you are interested in joining us just shoot us an email and let us know!
Fishing: 3pm - 7pm
(Saturday June 3rd)
Book a Guided Walk/ Wade or Float Trip - Reservations Available
Now Booking trips on the Following Rivers:

Ten Mile River - Wingdale, NY
Housatonic River - Cornwall - Gaylordsville , CT
Farmington River - Riverton, CT
East & West Branches of the Croton Watershed, Brewster - Croton Falls, NY
Neversink River - Cuddebackville, NY

Willowemoc Creek, Livingston Manor, NY
Beaverkill River, Roscoe, NY
East, West & Main Stem of the Delaware River (Deposit / Hancock, NY)

Call Shop for Details 845.855.5182 or Email Frank@AnglersDen.net to schedule your next trip!
See Guide Rates

Need Rental Gear for a Last Minute Trip or Forgot Something?
We Have you Covered! 
See Rental Rates
Anglers Den- Overnight Trips
Who wants to go up with the Crew for (2) Nights and (3) days of Fishing on the Delaware River?!
We would like to set up a trip for the End of May and the End of June. We are looking for (6-8) People to fill the spots for these trips. The cost for the trip will be about $200-300 per Angler. For More details Call or Email the Shop.  

New Summer Store Hours:
Wednesday & Thursday: 12pm-7pm
Friday: *10am - 7pm
Saturday: *8am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 2pm
MAY 21 & JUNE 11th
Reserve your Spot Now!
*Free Event: 10am - 2pm
Anglers Den Fly Shop
11 West Main St.
Pawling, NY 12564
*Space Limited to (12) People
Anglers Den Fly Shop
Premium Quality Fly Fishing Equipment & Fly Tying Materials
Since 2002
28 Sep '16

Anglers Den Annual Fall Jamboree / Open House 2016

Open House / Fall Jamboree Fly Shop Event
Saturday, October 8th
Free Event - Fly Tying Demonstrations - Fly Casting
If you haven't already heard... our Annual Fall Open House / Jamboree is going down THIS Saturday!
We will have renowned Fly Tyer & Fly Casting Instructor Dave Brandt along with one of our show favorites, Dan Thomas.
We have over 100+ ROYAL WULFF Fly Lines In-Stock!
Bring Your Reels in for New Line!

*Free Line Install & Backing w/ Purchase of a New Fly Line
(10/08/16 Only*)
NEW  *Fly Line Trade- In Promo (10/8 - 12/15)
*Receive  $10-$20 credit towards the purchase of a new line
(*Fly Lines must be in Good or Very Good condition)

Triangle Taper Floating Fly Lines (Olive & Ivory) (3-9wt)
Triangle Taper Nymph & Indicator (4-8wt)
Joan Wulff Signature (3wt-7wt)
Triangle Taper Plus (4-9wt)
Triangle Taper Sinking (7-9)
Triangle Taper Sink Tip (5-6wt)
Triangle Taper Steelhead Floating (7-9)
Triangle Taper Saltwater Sinking (7-10wt)
NEW Triangle Taper SALTWATER FAST SINK (200-400gr)
Triangle Taper Saltwater Floating (7-10wt)
Triangle Taper Saltwater  Intermediate (7-10wt)
NEW Ambush Neutralizer Intermediate Slow Sink (5-9wt)
NEW Ambush Clear Head (5-9)
Ambush Shooting Head (6-10)
Super Spey 7/8 - Floating
Super Spey 9/10 - Floating
Super Spey 10/11 - Floating
Spey Multi-Tips (6-10)
Stop by the Mystic Fly Rods Tent and Test Drive a Mystic Fly Rod!
*Free Casting Demos.
*Spey / Switch Rods Available.
Have a certain model in mind?
Drop us a line and we will make sure it is ready for you to test.

Get your fly tying mojo cooking again!

Dave Brandt: Renowned Fly Tyer & Fly Casting Instructor. Dave Needs no introduction. He simply is one of the most engaging and knowledgeable guys in the Fly Fishing industry. Dave is known for his Traditional Catskill Dry Flies & great sense of humor. Take this opportunity to ask questions and learn from the best! 
Dan Thomas: Creator of the Calamus, series of trout flies, Dan was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. Dan is a member of the Catskill Fly tyer's guild, as well as the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. He is a regular tyer at the International Fly Fishing Show, as well as the the International Fly Tying Symposium. His love for the sport of fly fishing as well as the art of fly tying, have driven him to create some exceptionally innovative, and effective patterns through the years.

Fly Tying Demonstrations will start around 10 am.
We will have fly rods set up to test drive outside as well.

New Inventory:
We just received a fresh new stock of materials for the Fall!
(Ice Dub, Zonkers, Marabou, Hackle, Diamond Braid, McFly Foam, Threads, Hooks, Estaz, et..)  

We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing our fish or fish"less" stories!

Come stop by to hang out, laugh, meet some new people, learn something, and find out what fly fishing adventures could be in your near future! 

100% Chance of a Good Time! 
Don't forget to Mark your Calendars! 

Anglers Den
11. West Main St.
Pawling NY, 12564

Shop Phone:

Store Hours: 
Wednesday - Friday: 12pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am - 2pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday
14 Sep '16

Important Fall 2016 Tout Fishing Season Dates NY & CT

Important Trout Fishing Season Dates NYS: 

Delaware River / WB Delaware River (Border Waters) October 16th:Catch and Release Only 
Beaverkill River: Closed November 30th: State Route 206 (County Route 7) bridge downstream 
Beaverkill River: Open all Year (Catch & Release Only) Sullivan County line (below Roscoe) downstream 2.5 miles to the old railroad trestle and 2) from one mile upstream to 1.6 miles downstream of iron bridge at Horton
EB Delaware: Closed October 16th - Pepacton Dam downstream to Shinhopple Bridge
EB Delaware:  (Catch & Release Oct. 16th - Nov. 30th) From Shinhopple Bridge downstream to the mouth at Hancock
WB Delaware: Closed October 16th from Cannonsville Dam downstream to 2 miles below Route 17 overpass at Deposit 
EB Croton: Open All Year (Catch & Release Only)
WB Croton: Closed October 1st
Esopus Creek: Closed November 31st

*Non Listed Rivers in NYS Regulation Guide are Closed for trout fishing October 15th
Ten Mile River, Wappingers Creek, Fishkill Creek ect.. 

Trout Fishing Season Regulations CT:

Farmington River - TMA September 1st thru 2nd Saturday in April. Catch & Release Only *Barbless Hooks Only
Housatonic River:  TMA Open all year Catch and Release Only (Trout Refuge areas are closed June 15th-September 15th - No fishing within 100' of posted signs)
07 Jun '12

Hatch Finatic Fly Reel Review

Before I begin to review Hatch Finatic Fly Reel, I would like to say I was a long time Ross Evolution user, and really loved them. 

I believed the drag was one of the best on the market and the reel was super smooth. However, after switching to Hatch, I have realized that although Evo's are great, but in my opinion there is NO reel on the market that begins to surpass Hatch. I've used all the expensive reels on the market for serious Trout & Big Game anglers. 

The design of a Hatch reel has exceeded the expectations of the industry. To start off, the reel is one solid piece of aluminum, and the reel seat isn't screwed in. This provides a super solid and quite indestructible reel!

Switching the retrieve from left to right is simply unscrewing an allen screw and turning over a small gear. 

There are no places for sand, dirt or grime to get into the reel anywhere. But the real reason to drool over this fly reel is the drag. Hatches have the most amazing drag ever designed. There is zero start of friction, so as soon as you pull line off, the drag starts. 

Other manufactures have not refined the "play." The spool spins backwards momentarily without any resistance before the drag kicks in. This start up friction can/will break small tippet as I've seen it done many times. I won't bore you with drag specifics, you can go on the website listed below if you want to see how it works. The drag is the smoothest on the market and you can put so much more pressure on fish in the toughest of situations. When a fish shakes their head, the drag will gives so much smoother than other reels and it protects tippet like a champ! 

Steelhead & Salmon anglers have also jumped on the Hatch bandwagon because they need a drag that will perform in all temperatures with feisty drag screaming Trophy Fish. Hatch makes a reel for every sized rod manufactured, so you can get the perfect fit for your stick of choice. If you're not happy with your reel, or you're just curious about Hatch, write us, call us or stop in our shop to learn more, you won't regret it!

Here are the goods:


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