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28 Sep '16

Anglers Den Annual Fall Jamboree / Open House 2016

Open House / Fall Jamboree Fly Shop Event
Saturday, October 8th
Free Event - Fly Tying Demonstrations - Fly Casting
If you haven't already heard... our Annual Fall Open House / Jamboree is going down THIS Saturday!
We will have renowned Fly Tyer & Fly Casting Instructor Dave Brandt along with one of our show favorites, Dan Thomas.
We have over 100+ ROYAL WULFF Fly Lines In-Stock!
Bring Your Reels in for New Line!

*Free Line Install & Backing w/ Purchase of a New Fly Line
(10/08/16 Only*)
NEW  *Fly Line Trade- In Promo (10/8 - 12/15)
*Receive  $10-$20 credit towards the purchase of a new line
(*Fly Lines must be in Good or Very Good condition)

Triangle Taper Floating Fly Lines (Olive & Ivory) (3-9wt)
Triangle Taper Nymph & Indicator (4-8wt)
Joan Wulff Signature (3wt-7wt)
Triangle Taper Plus (4-9wt)
Triangle Taper Sinking (7-9)
Triangle Taper Sink Tip (5-6wt)
Triangle Taper Steelhead Floating (7-9)
Triangle Taper Saltwater Sinking (7-10wt)
NEW Triangle Taper SALTWATER FAST SINK (200-400gr)
Triangle Taper Saltwater Floating (7-10wt)
Triangle Taper Saltwater  Intermediate (7-10wt)
NEW Ambush Neutralizer Intermediate Slow Sink (5-9wt)
NEW Ambush Clear Head (5-9)
Ambush Shooting Head (6-10)
Super Spey 7/8 - Floating
Super Spey 9/10 - Floating
Super Spey 10/11 - Floating
Spey Multi-Tips (6-10)
Stop by the Mystic Fly Rods Tent and Test Drive a Mystic Fly Rod!
*Free Casting Demos.
*Spey / Switch Rods Available.
Have a certain model in mind?
Drop us a line and we will make sure it is ready for you to test.

Get your fly tying mojo cooking again!

Dave Brandt: Renowned Fly Tyer & Fly Casting Instructor. Dave Needs no introduction. He simply is one of the most engaging and knowledgeable guys in the Fly Fishing industry. Dave is known for his Traditional Catskill Dry Flies & great sense of humor. Take this opportunity to ask questions and learn from the best! 
Dan Thomas: Creator of the Calamus, series of trout flies, Dan was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. Dan is a member of the Catskill Fly tyer's guild, as well as the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. He is a regular tyer at the International Fly Fishing Show, as well as the the International Fly Tying Symposium. His love for the sport of fly fishing as well as the art of fly tying, have driven him to create some exceptionally innovative, and effective patterns through the years.

Fly Tying Demonstrations will start around 10 am.
We will have fly rods set up to test drive outside as well.

New Inventory:
We just received a fresh new stock of materials for the Fall!
(Ice Dub, Zonkers, Marabou, Hackle, Diamond Braid, McFly Foam, Threads, Hooks, Estaz, et..)  

We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing our fish or fish"less" stories!

Come stop by to hang out, laugh, meet some new people, learn something, and find out what fly fishing adventures could be in your near future! 

100% Chance of a Good Time! 
Don't forget to Mark your Calendars! 

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01 Mar '12

Rising Trout in February!

February was an interesting month to say the least.  The tri-state area has seen unseasonably warm temperatures as of late.  From about February 20th on the Anglers Den team witnessed rising trout on some of the areas local rivers. 

First we saw browns and bows sipping midges down in Brewster on the Croton watershed.  This early year gift was the result of consecutive days of warm weather and controlled flows let out of the areas local reservoirs.  The Den and fly fishermen alike seized the opportunity to shake off some rust and toss some dry flies considerably early in the year.

Later in the month some Anglers Den team members went around strategically collecting bug samples from other local rivers.  On a short drive to Amenia, located in Dutchess County NY, similar scenarios from our Brewster trip occurred.  We were examining the Ten Mile River one late afternoon to collect early season river data for shop purposes.  Upon arrival to some secluded spots, it was evident that the stone fly hatch was well underway.  Adult stone flies were sputtering around at a pretty decent rate, and more importantly the fish were taking them when available.  We noticed that downed trees provided the perfect barrier from the current as trout would hold up just down stream from the fallen timber, eating ever so often.  
East Branch of the Croton River Watershed: Open
West Branch of the Croton River: April 1st
Ten Mile River: Trout open April 1st

Current Hatches:

    Croton Watershed:
    #20 - #22 Midge 

Ten Mile River:
Small Stoneflys

Ten Mile Stoneflys

And as always don't forget:

Every Thursday the shop gets together at 7 p.m. for our weekly fly tying night

Only 5 Thursdays of tying left before the season starts April 1st



11 Feb '12

Free Fly Tying Nights

 The Anglers Den, Home of English Angling Trappings will be hosting weekly fly tying nights. Held every Thursday evening from 7pm-10pm until April 1st. These Events are Open to the General public.

Coffee will be served and as always feel free to bring your own delights.

If you have a vise and a few basic tools bring them along. If not we will be able to provide them. Hope to see you there. 

We will be tying all types of patterns for fly Fishing. Dry Fly's, floating nymphs, Czech Nymphs, Caddis Pupa, Traditional Catskill patterns, Steelhead and Salmon patterns. Streamers, terrestrials, flies for the salt. Do you have a specific goal to reach? We will help you get there!

                                                             Upcoming Dates:

                                                            See Photos below from 02/09/12