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02 Jun '12

Fly of The Day - 6/2/12

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 Fly of The Day - 6/2/12

For all of you Upper Delaware nymphomaniacs out there, the Iso-Horny is your wet dream. I designed this fly in size 10 for fishing the fast riffles packed with rainbows. The mylar is flashy enough to get their attention in fast moving water, and the white stripe on the top along with the soft hackle on the wing case provides an impressionistic and realistic nymph that fools fish left and right. Also, Isonychias are very fast swimmers that swim in bursts. These nymphs usually swim to the bank to emerge on the bank, but they can hatch in a normal fashion by rising to the surface in the middle of the river if the water is high. At the end of your drift, don't be afraid to give the flies a strip or two towards the bank, and if the water is high, you can hold your line tight and let the fly swing to the surface.

01 Jun '12

Fly of The Day - 6/1/12

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  Fly of The Day

This is a fly for all you Croton Watershed anglers that can't get those finicky risers to take your fly. I tie this fly usually in size 24, but anywhere from 18-26 will work. The swiss straw wings sit low in the water and fish really seem to love it.